[EVENT] Merry Christmas Project I.C.!

Discussion in 'Events' started by Younha, Dec 24, 2016.

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    Merry Christmas everyone!
    We hope you have a great one this year!
    The Event starts right after the Server Restart in 10minutes.
    There are now little Snowman inside ALL Dungeons! (NOT RAIDS)
    There are 4 types of Snowman, the better the Dungeon the better the chance to
    Run into a Snowman that is more epic!
    (No need to worry they do spawn in lower Dungeons too)
    Hunt them down, and get your hands on the following Items!

    Sewing Calypse Mark
    Sewing Karasha Mark
    Mecca Calypse Mark
    Mecca Karasha Mark
    Sewing Orca Mark
    Ice Ghost Mark
    Space Ghost Mark
    Blue Whale Mark
    Starry Cat Mark
    Flowery Cat Mark
    Lovely Whale Mark
    Metal Leviathan Mark
    Venotien of Contamination Mark
    Mystic Tishanan Mark
    Hades of Nemesis Mark
    Anturagen of Doom Mark
    Nusilis Of Domination Mark
    Nedvess Mark
    Karion Mark
    Torkai Mark
    Teisha of Immensity Mark
    Shakiba Mark
    Rodesh Mark
    Fiery Naphnis Mark
    Runelon Mark
    Roxinus of Heat Wave Mark
    Phyton of Calm Mark
    Graveon Mark
    Black Baileys Mark
    Poron Mark
    Garilon Mark
    Calypto Mark
    Hameon Mark
    Demonus Mark
    Portal Free Pass ( 7 days )
    Legendary Seal Stone Extractor
    Rabbini Gold Coin Box (3)
    Blessed Revival Scroll Box (10)
    Legendary Dismantling Tool
    Lv. 170 Tempering Stone
    Lv.200 Tempering Stone
    Premium Talisman (30 day)
    Premium Talisman (7 day)
    Physical Boost Talisman (7 day )
    Physical Boost Talisman (30 day )
    Magic Boost Talisman (7 day )
    Magic Boost Talisman (30 day )
    General Boost Talisman (7 day )
    General Boost Talisman (30 day )
    Defense Boost Talisman (7 day )
    Defense Boost Talisman (30 day)
    Legendary Dungeon Reset Scroll
    Heroic Dungeon Reset Scroll

    THERE ARE NOW, 4 new NPCS LOCATED RIGHT UNTER THE TREE in Hakains Crossing, The 3 little girls will grant you a Buff. The other one will accept your Christmas Cards (Dropped by Snowman) to trade for Items! Once again, Merry Christmas!

    (For now, enjoy the Event and do not worry about when it ends.) =)
    I'll be posting that then.

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